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Ukraine has been a priority partner country for Estonia’s bilateral development cooperation since 2006. Furthermore, Ukraine was the first beneficiary country in 1998 when Estonia started to provide bilateral aid.  Estonia has contributed over 11 million euros towards supporting Ukraine’s development throughout the years, out of which about 9 million has been allocated between 2014–2017.

The focus of the bilateral development co-operation is on the actions which would support the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. In 2017, Estonian development co-operation with Ukraine concentrates on democracy building and good governance (incl e-governance and ICT solutions in public administration), as well as support for business environment and education. The main beneficiaries of the bilateral development co-operation are governmental  and non-governmental organizations, local governments, universities and etc.

Estonian Aid to Ukraine in 2014-2018. (569.61 KB, PDF)

Bilateral development cooperation projects in Ukraine 2019. (740.28 KB, PDF)

Principles of development cooperation between Estonia and Ukraine 2019. (1.18 MB, PDF)

Estonia's support for Ukraine in facts and figures (994.79 KB, PDF)

A more detailed overview about all the support that Estonia has given to Ukraine can be found from the Estonian Development Database.

The Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership (ECEAP), founded in 2011, merged in July 2021 with the newly established Estonian Centre of International Development, which, together with other Estonian partners, implements numerous development cooperation projects in Ukraine. Based on the experiences of Estonian School of Diplomacy, training programs and seminars to various aspects of good governance reform have been arranged to the government officials from Eastern Partnership countries, including Ukraine. An important aspect of the work of the centre is enhancing the regional cooperation and integration of the Eastern Partnership Countries. The activities of the centre are funded from the development cooperation budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last updated: 14 October 2021

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