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Young people from Estonia can apply for becoming a UN delegate

24. October 2019 - 9:18

Today 24 October, the United Nations Day, the Estonian Foreign Ministry and the Union of Estonian Youth Organisations are announcing a competition to find a UN youth delegate for the year 2020. The programme, held for a third consecutive year, allows one young person of Estonia aged 18-24 to see the work of the Estonian delegation in the UN up-close and represent the voice of the young in resolving global issues.

The volunteer UN Youth Delegate will be an official member of the Estonian UN delegation and participate in the UN General Assembly, committees and the Economic and Social Council. The youth delegate will provide input on issues concerning young people and take part in the substantive work of the delegation. In Estonia, they would act as an ambassador for the UN and bring the international organisation closer to the young. As Estonia will be a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2020 and 2021, the Estonian UN delegation is expecting two years of very intense work.

According to Paul Teesalu, the Undersecretary for Political Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, the UN Youth Delegate will have a unique opportunity to see Estonia’s actions in solving key global issues up-close, and explain them to their peers in Estonia. “In the next two years, Estonia will be at the table where the most important security issues are resolved and will make its significant contribution to easing human suffering across the world. The youth delegate can be the voice of the young on these issues and, in turn, explain in their homeland why the UN continues to be one of the most important organisations when it comes to ensuring peace and resolving conflicts and what can a small country like Estonia do about these matters,” Teesalu said.

According to the current delegate Karl-Ander Aleksius, the UN programme helps introduce the perspective of young people in discussions on global issues – such as the climate and human rights. “The platform of the youth delegates at the UN has such weight that I have been able to represent the youth of Estonia when important decisions have been made. I have spoken about the views of the young people of Estonia with global leaders, the Prime Minister of Norway, the Ambassador of Japan, as well as the President of Estonia, the Prime Minister and many people working at the Foreign Ministry, to tell them about the ideas of young people.”

The Vice-Chairman of the Union of Estonian Youth Organisations Mikk Tarros said, “The programme has been successful, we have made briefings on the UN in schools and reached many students. We have also been able to support the work of the Estonian mission in New York and introduce the youth perspective. We are happy to note that the voice of the young is heard in Estonian foreign policy.”

The application process has three stages. All information is available on the website of the Union of Estonian Youth Organisations and the Facebook page of the Estonian UN Youth Delegate. Applications can be submitted until 24 November on the designated website or by emailing

The United Nations is an international organisation of 193 countries and its inception can be dated to 24 October 1945, when the charter of the United Nations entered into force. The UN has a key role in ensuring peace and security. Estonia became a member of the UN on 17 September 1991.

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