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Sutt at the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg: the door of the EU has opened to Ukraine and Moldova

22. June 2022 - 10:39

At the meeting of the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg yesterday, Andres Sutt, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology and acting Foreign Minister, said that the open door policy of the European Union must continue.

At the meeting, Sutt welcomed the clear recommendation by the European Commission on Friday to give candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova and provide Georgia with a clear EU perspective and candidate country status in the future. “I hope that on 23-24 June, the European Council will decide to give Ukraine and Moldova candidate country status and offer the European perspective to Georgia. It is a historic moment for Europe. The door of the European Union has opened Ukraine and Moldova,” Sutt said.

He added that negotiations should be launched with other countries that share the values we cherish in the European Union.

“The open door policy of the European Union must continue and negotiations should be launched without delay with North Macedonia and Albania,” Sutt underlined. He said European integration and closer cooperation between like-minded countries was particularly important now when Russia is waging a war in Ukraine at the heart of Europe. “The strength of the European Union must lie in unity,” he added.

The ministers also talked about the Conference on the Future of Europe and its final report with 325 proposals. Most of them concern areas such as the climate, the economy, and cyber and social issues. However, the final report also contains a few proposals on the work of European Union institutions, which would require changes to the founding treaties of the EU. “Estonia’s position is that priority should be given to implementing, within existing treaties, the substantive proposals that were named as the most urgent by citizens,” Sutt said.

Sutt’s doorstep statement before the meeting is available here

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