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Foreign policy set to be aligned with the first long-term strategy

9. August 2019 - 15:33

At the meeting of the Government of the Republic, a decision was adopted to submit the foreign policy development plan up to the year 2030 to the Riigikogu for debate, and also to open public consultations on the plan. The development plan aims to set out a common foreign policy of the government. This is the first time a development plan of this kind has been composed.

“The aim of the foreign policy development plan is to ensure the implementation of Estonia’s foreign policy interests in a changing environment,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu commented on the need for the development plan. “It is a step that strengthens our foreign policy in the long term,” he added.

The development plan sets the general objective and sub-objectives of the government’s foreign policy and plans actions for their implementation. According to the development plan, the general foreign policy objectives comprise the preservation of the Estonian people, language and culture through the ages, as well as preserving the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Estonia in international relations, increasing prosperity and protecting the interests of the Estonian community abroad, and Estonia’s growing contribution to global sustainable development. To implement the general objectives, three central actions are pursued: security, the stability of international relations and sustainable development, external economy, and Estonians abroad.

Foreign Minister Reinsalu highlighted the development of external economic relations among the subjects included in the plan. “We plan to bolster our business diplomacy efforts, including opening new representations in Asia,” the Foreign Minister said. The development plan also concerns Estonians living abroad: they will be included to a greater extent than previously, consular services provided to them will be simplified and support offered to their smooth return to Estonia.

On the subject of international relations, Reinsalu said it was important to increase Estonia’s cooperation and bilateral relations with our main partners. “The task of foreign policy is to fulfil the potential of all policy areas in international relations in order to ensure the comprehensive protection of Estonia’s interests. When implementing our foreign policy, we will keep in mind to never lose sight of the global trends of the future when making decisions,” the Foreign Minister said.

All ministries, experts of the field, committees of the Estonian Parliament, business organisations, and development cooperation partners, including the third sector were involved in the process of drawing up the plan. Work has been ongoing since the spring of 2018.

Read more about the development plan (in Estonian):

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