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Estonia leads UN Security Council meeting on the humanitarian impact of cyber operations

21. December 2021 - 14:43

Today 20 December, Estonia and the United Kingdom hold an informal UN Security Council meeting on preventing the civilian impact of malicious cyber operations. The meeting is chaired by Estonian Ambassador to the UN Sven Jürgenson and James Roscoe, UK’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN.

Cybersecurity has been a priority of Estonia during its membership in the UN Security Council. “Estonia has been successful and consistent in bringing cyber issues to the table of the Council – 60 countries and organisations made statements at the informal meeting held last year, and this June, we succeeded in holding the first formal UN Security Council meeting on cybersecurity,” Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets said. “We must ensure countries follow rules that have agreed upon, and reinforce the idea that existing international law and responsible state behaviour should be upheld also in cyberspace.”

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Ambassador Sven Jürgenson underlined that the UN Security Council needed to address all activities that posed a threat to international peace and security, including those in cyberspace. “Discussions like the one today focusing on preventing the impact of malicious cyber activities on critical civilian infrastructure are crucial. Attacks in cyberspace cannot be ignored and the Council must be ready to respond if needed,” the ambassador said. Jürgenson added that in light of the increasing impact of malicious cyber operations on international peace and security, the issue would remain on the agenda of the Council even after Estonia’s membership. “The first steps have been taken and the foundation has been laid. Estonia is ready to contribute in this field after our membership ends.”

The closed meeting is for members of the UN Security Council. Izumi Nakamitsu, UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, and Helen Durham, Director of International Law and Policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross, will brief the Council.

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