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Estonia allocates €50 000 to mitigate the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

13. September 2021 - 18:27

At the high-level meeting on Afghanistan held today 13 September in Geneva, Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets announced Estonia’s plan to allocate €50 000 via the International Committee of the Red Cross to mitigate the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

In her video statement at the meeting, Liimets stressed that the international community had to make a common effort to help the people of Afghanistan, which is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. “It is of utmost importance that the provision of humanitarian aid continues unhindered and the basic needs of the population are met in terms of health, shelter and food,” the foreign minister said.

This is why Estonia decided to allocate €50 000 to the International Committee of the Red Cross to mitigate the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Liimets assured Estonia would continue to look for ways to support those in need in Afghanistan via international organisations.

The foreign minister emphasised the key importance of peace and stability in Afghanistan. “It is crucial for Afghanistan’s social development and the welfare of the people for women to meaningfully participate in society and girls to continue their education, and as well as the rights of minority groups to be ensured,” she noted. This is why cooperation with the government of Afghanistan that is being formed will be strictly conditional and mainly depends on whether the Taliban is prepared to uphold the human rights and safe living environment of all inhabitants of the country.

Today’s high-level meeting on Afghanistan was chaired by the Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres and was organised by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The change of rule in Afghanistan has exacerbated the protracted humanitarian crisis in the country, with more than three million internally displaced persons, extreme drought and a new outbreak of COVID-19 needing urgent attention. The establishment of the Taliban rule has resulted in tens of thousands of additional people fleeing their homes, and according to the UN, 80% of them are women and children.

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