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What is e-Residency?


Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s e-services and transparent business environment. With an e-Residency digital identity card, anyone can establish and manage an EU company entirely online and sign all documents digitally.

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How to apply?



Change the pickup location of the e-Residency digital identity card


When granted e-Residency, you will be notified by the pickup location when the e-Residency kit is ready for collection. If you wish to change the pickup location from an Estonian foreign representation to another official pickup location after you have received the aforementioned notification, you need to contact:

  • the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia you chose as a pickup location during applying and
  • the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board by e-mail

to submit an application to change the pickup location.

An example:


You have originally requested the e-Residency digital identity card to be delivered to the Estonian Embassy in London but have meanwhile decided to receive the document in another country or in Estonia.

Changing the pickup location is a paid service and will take additional time. State fee must be paid (and received) before the change of pickup location will be initiated. The state fee 80 EUR can be paid at the embassy or by bank transfer. Requisite information of the payment of state fee is as follows:

  • Receiver: Ministry of Finance
  • Bank account:
    SEB Pank EE891010220034796011 SWIFT: EEUHEE2X
    Swedbank EE932200221023778606 SWIFT: HABAEE2X
    Luminor Bank AS EE701700017001577198 SWIFT: RIKOEE22
    LHV Pank EE777700771003813400 SWIFT: LHVBEE22
  • Reference number: 2900073643
  • Clarification of the payment: digi-ID change the location of the issuance; name, surname

For more information, visit e-Residency Knowledge Base.


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Last updated: 23 July 2021

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