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Krsitiina Ojulandi kõne NATOga liitumise pidulikul tseremoonial Brüsselis

2. Aprill 2004 - 10:28

Mr. Secretary General
President d’Honneur
Colleagues, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

I feel very proud and privileged to be present at today’s flag-raising ceremony and at this first ministerial-level NAC in the format of 26. It is one of those moments that you remember for the rest of your life.

It is a very powerful feeling.
It is a remarkable day.

Today is one of the most outstanding days in the history of my country. I am sure that the enlargement of the zone of security and democracy by seven more nations is an immensely important step for the Trans-Atlantic community.

Ever since regaining our independence one of the main tasks of every government of Estonia has been the security of our nation. Today I can say that we are much closer to a confident feeling in our hearts – we have done what is possible; we have joined the most successful alliance in history. Estonia is committed to a capable NATO which addresses today’s security challenges, old and new.

We joined because we want to improve our security; we also joined because we see the profound role that NATO is playing in international affairs, in encouraging peace and stability in different parts of Europe and beyond.

I would like to assure you that the Republic of Estonia and its Government pay significant attention to these issues. Estonia has already demonstrated its trustworthiness as a partner in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and also in Iraq. Now, as a full member of the Alliance, our responsibility in addressing common threats is even greater and we intend to meet our obligations as a reliable ally in the future as well.

Close cooperation within the Alliance, with EU and other international organisations is the strength of this organisation. Only concerted actions can bring results in addressing the issues we are facing today – be it Afghanistan, Western Balkans, or elsewhere.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last but not least, allow me to thank all of you, for your support and cooperation on our way to NATO. I would like to thank the leaders of member states and the Parliaments of the member states for the quick ratification process.

I would also like to thank my colleagues in other new member states for mutual solidarity and tight cooperation, which we have had during the accession period and I’m confident that we bring this spirit with us into NATO. We will need this spirit of cooperation; also the countries waiting their turn at the NATO’s open door will need this spirit.

Dear Friends,

It was an honour and a privilege to address you on this historic day, thank you for your attention.

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