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The virtual forum for Estonians across the globe is held on 27 November at 4 p.m. (UTC/GMT +2)

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You can watch and think along with the virtual forum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wherever you may be, as long you have an internet connection. The forum will have simultaneous interpretation into English and Russian.

The forum will have several discussions on various topics. What is the life of expat communities like? What does the great diaspora survey tells us about what Estonians abroad are actually like? Why does the state care about how Estonians living abroad are doing?

What makes Estonia greater? Let’s exchange thoughts about global Estonians and see where they take us.

Between discussions, we will go to Estonians living in the United States, Sweden and Czech Republic. The President of Estonia Alar Karis will welcome Estonians across the globe. Musical entertainment is provided by London-born Kymbali Williams, who has Estonian heritage and whose love for Estonia prompted her to move and work in Estonia.

The virtual forum is moderated by Tarmo Jüristo, known in Estonia as an insightful social commentator.





  • Introduction by Tarmo Jüristo
  • Live from the Estonian House in Stockholm
  • Welcoming statement by President of Estonia Alar Karis


  • Live from Chicago with Karl Herbert Grabbi
  • Panel: Estonian community abroad in 2021: state of play, ambitions and expectations.  The panel presents the preliminary results of the major diaspora survey (Kristjan Kaldur, Marin Mõttus, Tuuli-Emily Liivat)


  • Musical interlude by Kymbali Williams
  • Live from Czechia with Iivi Zajedova
  • Panel: Who is the “genuine expat Estonian”? (Rainer Sternfeld, Ede Schank-Tamkivi, Riina Kindlam)


  • Conclusion by Tarmo Jüristo
  • Global Estonian Kristjan Järvi shares his thoughts
  • Musical performance – joint singing with Kymbali Williams

Estimated end of the event: 17.45–18.00


Introduction of the participants

  • Alar Karis - President of Estonia
  • Marin Mõttus - Ambassador at Large for the Diaspora, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Kristjan Kaldur – Institute of Baltic Studies, head of the great diaspora survey
  • Rainer Sternfeld – founder of the Globaalsed eestlased podcast, co-founder of the Jõhvi School of Technology, entrepreneur and visionary
  • Ede Schank Tamkivi – anthropologist, journalist and education innovator
  • Iivi Zajedova – Vice-President of the Estonian World Council, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Club in Czech Republic, PhD in political science
  • Riina Kindlam – Canadian-born Estonian who has been living in Estonia for 20 years, journalist, translator and guide
  • Karl Herbert Grabbi – President of the Estonian School in Chicago, founder of the Estonian Worldwide Youth Network, head of the mentorship programme of the Estonian American National Council
  • Tuuli-Emily Liivat – founding member of the Estonian Worldwide Youth Network, promoter of Estonian culture in Finland
Last updated: 24 November 2021

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