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Open Government Partnership

Open Government Partnership (OGP)

Open Government Partnership is an international forum for dialogue between governments, civil society and the private sector that was launched in autumn 2011. The partnership was created to promote and facilitate a more open, efficient and responsive governance in two dimensions:

  • promoting good governance practice and sharing experience between countries at international level;
  • developing and intensifying  cooperation between government, civil society and the private sector.

Countries that have joined the OGP prepare their country action plans in order to commit themselves to certain obligations, programmes and achieve the set goals. The governments have to constantly ensure a wider civic engagement to effect responsible, innovative and efficient governance. Every year, the country’s OGP coordination group prepares the progress report of the action plan, which is also assessed by an independent OGP IRM International Experts Panel.

Estonia’s participation in the partnership

Through its participation in the Open Government Partnership, Estonia wishes to direct the attention of the government and the whole society to the quality of governance, share experience with other participating countries and learn from the experience of the others. The Strategy Unit of the Government Office is the coordinator of OGP in Estonia working very closely together with different ministries and the civil society organisations. Estonia is in the process of implementing its third Action Plan for years 2016-18 (PDF).

Estonia’s main goals in participating in the OGP:

  • to give new impetus to the development and application of new technologies, promotion of public services and civic participation in the country’s governance process;
  • to uphold and enhance Estonia’s e-government image at international level.



Last updated: 9 January 2017

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