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30.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Statement by H.E. Mrs. Eva-Maria Liimets, Foreign Minister of Estonia, at the Brussels V Conference Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region

Excellences, dear colleagues, This month we mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy of the Syrian people. Unfortunately, ten years since the start of peaceful protests in Syria, where forceful crackdowns turned into a full-scale civil war, we still do not see the light at the end of the tunnel....
29.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Statement by Foreign Minister of Estonia Mrs. Eva-Maria Liimets at UN Security Council VTC meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Syria

I would like to thank briefers for their valuable insight. Also, I would like to extend gratitude to humanitarian workers on the frontlines in Syria, who continue to provide aid to millions of people. This month we mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy of the Syrian people. Unfortunately, a...
24.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Joint statement by 19 states in support of the establishment of the International Accountability Platform for Belarus

Statement on behalf of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. As documented in the Moscow Mechanism report by...
12.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Opening words by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, H.E. Ms Eva-Maria Liimets on high-level Arria-formula meeting on Crimea

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, Allow me now to make a statement in my national capacity. As many today have already said, the situation in Crimea continues to deteriorate. The Russian Federation has unlawfully imposed its laws and justice system there, and is conducting a severe crackdown...
11.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Security Council Open Debate on Conflict and Food Security: Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia

Madame President, distinguished briefers, dear colleagues, Almost three years ago, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2417, which condemned the starving of civilians and unlawfully denying humanitarian access as a method of warfare. The resolution was conceived as a tool to break...
11.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Statement of intent for enhancing cooperation between Estonia and the United Kingdom

STATEMENT OF INTENT FOR ENHANCING COOPERATION BETWEEN ESTONIA AND THE UNITED KINGDOM The close friendship between Estonia and the United Kingdom has flourished since the Royal Navy lent its support to Estonia in the 1918-1920 War of Independence. This close partnership, with shared values and...
10.03.2021|Foreign Ministry

Joint statement by Foreign Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom

Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets of Estonia today hosted Dominic Raab of the United Kingdom, Edgars Rinkēvičs of Latvia and Gabrielius Landsbergis of Lithuania in Tallinn for a meeting of UK and Baltic Foreign Ministers. Ministers had an in-depth discussion of foreign policy issues and how to...
25.02.2021|Foreign Ministry

Joint Statement of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Baltic States concerning political situation in Georgia

We, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania  express serious concerns over the political situation developing in Georgia and urge all political forces to act with restraint, de-escalate the situation and seek constructive solution in the interest of Georgia and all...
16.02.2021|Foreign Ministry

Report on foreign policy by Minister of Foreign Affairs Eva-Maria Liimets at the Parliament of Estonia

Honourable Members of Parliament, dear guests, In foreign policy, Estonia acts as a sovereign state to ensure that our interests are represented, our security is protected and our people’s lives improve. This year, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the restoration of our independence and...
07.02.2021|Foreign Ministry

Joint Statement of the Foreign Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on the Day of Solidarity with Belarus

The Foreign Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, on the occasion of the Day of Solidarity with Belarus, express their support for the people of Belarus. Since August, the people of Belarus have peacefully stood for freedom and democracy. Week after week and month after month, Estonia,...


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