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08.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Estonia and other European Union members of the UN Security Council call on Russia to cooperate with the MH17 investigation

Today 8 April, discussing other business and at Russia’s initiative, the UN Security Council covered the investigation into the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 . On the initiative of Estonia, European Union member states currently on the UN Security Council and Poland made a joint...
08.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Meeting with his Nordic-Baltic colleagues, Reinsalu stressed the need for continued cooperation when planning exit strategies for restrictions

Today 8 April, at the invitation of Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu, a video meeting was held between the eight foreign ministers of the Nordic-Baltic Eight to discuss the current situation as regards COVID-19 in the region’s countries, providing consular assistance to each other’s citizens on...
08.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Urmas Reinsalu meets with Nordic-Baltic foreign ministers and European Union development ministers by video

Today 8 April, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu will represent Estonia at a meeting of Nordic-Baltic foreign ministers and a meeting of the European Union development ministers, both held via video. The video meeting, organised by Estonia as the coordinating country of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation...
07.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Special travel information announcement: Finland updated its ferry traffic recommendations, with transit set to continue

The Finnish government announced it would extend the measures introduced to contain the spread of coronavirus until 13 May. Finland also updated information on travel options, and it includes a recommendation for ferry companies to suspend the sale of tickets for regular passengers on the Tallinn-...
06.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Travel and consular information related to crisis measures, 6 April

Approximately 3,000 Estonians have asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help to return to Estonia during the corona crisis, and most of them have also arrived home. At the moment, there are still 35 more people in need of help, who are being assisted personally by the Ministry of Foreign...
04.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Estonia joined a call for the protection of the education of children and youth in conflicts

Today 3 April, Estonia formally endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration. The aim of the declaration is to protect the right to education and to facilitate the continuation of education in situations of armed conflict. Many conflicts continue to destroy not just school infrastructure, but the chance...
03.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry: nearly all Estonians wishing to return from abroad have arrived safely

At today’s video press conference, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu and Tiina Kallasmaa, Director of the Consular Assistance Division of the Foreign Ministry, gave an overview of efforts to help Estonians return home. “The peak of the consular crisis is behind us: the nearly 3 000 people who...
03.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Reinsalu at the meeting of European Union foreign ministers: EU states have been efficient in repatriation efforts

Today 3 April, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu attended the informal video conference of the foreign ministers of the European Union, discussing ways to manage the effects and consequences of the pandemic more efficiently, and a better coordination of unified public communication. The foreign...
03.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

Urmas Reinsalu: NATO remains united and strong in a difficult situation

At a 2 April video meeting of NATO foreign ministers, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu emphasized that it is already time to look to the future and map the lessons of the crisis. Reinsalu acknowledged NATO’s contribution to alleviating the crisis and thanked the countries that have helped bring...
03.04.2020|Foreign Ministry

European Union foreign ministers hold a video conference

Today 3 April, an informal video conference of the foreign ministers of the European Union is held to discuss more efficient ways to cooperate in managing the effects and consequences of the pandemic. The video conference aims at improving international cooperation, including European Union...


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