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11.10.2000|Foreign Ministry

Developments in the Main Directions of Estonia's Foreign Policy

Address by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Government of Estonia to the Riigikogu, 12 October 2000. Honoured Mrs. Speaker Honourable members of the Riigikogu.. It was only four months ago that I last reported in this hall about developments in the...
20.09.2000|Foreign Ministry

Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Hannover

Joint Communiqué 1. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania met for the fifth annual consultations in Hannover on September 20, 2000, at the invitation of Federal Foreign Minister...
18.09.2000|Foreign Ministry

Fundamental differences rooted in European history

Keynote speech by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia at Malmö Forum, September 18, 2000 I have been asked to talk about Preconceptions vs. New Realities in redefining the Baltic Region. What we can learn from Europe and what Europe can learn from us. I suppose that...
13.09.2000|Foreign Ministry

Statement by Minister Ilves at the 55th Session of the UN General Assembly

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia 13 September 2000, New York Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, Distinguished Delegates, Allow me to begin, Mr. President, by congratulating you on your election as president of this, the 55th General Assembly. I wish...
31.08.2000|Foreign Ministry

The Northern Dimension in the light of EU enlargement

Presentation of Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Foreign Minister, Estonia - Forum Nördliche Dimension. Schloss Schwerin, 31.VIII-1.IX.2000 I shall try to speak about the Northern Dimension in light of EU enlargement. I see the ND as a means to develop the current and future Union by concentrating...
08.06.2000|Foreign Ministry

Main guidelines of Estonia’s foreign policy

Address by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Government of Estonia to the Riigikogu, 8 June 2000. Honoured Mr Speaker, Honourable members of the Riigikogu. As a matter of tradition, twice a year the Foreign Minister gives an account to the...
25.05.2000|Foreign Ministry

Remarks by Minister Ilves at the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia 25 May 2000, Florence Mr. Chairman, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me begin by welcoming another new EAPC and PfP partner country around this table – Croatia. Croatia’s participation in EAPC is a most...
10.04.2000|Foreign Ministry

L’engagement européen de l’Estonie

Lecture by Mr. Mart Laar, Prime Minister of Estonia at the French Institute of International Affairs in Paris on 10 April 2000 Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentleman, Last time I addressed this distinguished audience during my previous term in office in May 1994, I called for the...
01.03.2000|Foreign Ministry

Estonia Supporting Visible Development in Belarus Civil Society

No. 75–E Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia, along with the other European Union states and the USA, will continue to support the civil society of Belarus. “At the same time, the European Union must find and develop activities that support civil society in Belarus as...
24.01.2000|Foreign Ministry

A Baltic Home-Coming

Robert C. Frasure Memorial Lecture by Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State Department of the US 24 January 2000, Tallinn Thank you, Tom [Ilves], and thank you, Mr. President, for the hospitality that you and all your other colleagues have extended over the past several days to my wife...


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