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U.S. Senator John McCain comes to visit Estonia

29. August 2001 - 15:10

Today, on 24 August U.S. Senator John McCain coming on a three days visit to Estonia will meet President Lennart Meri and Prime Minister Mart Laar and also visit Pärnu.

On Friday, 24 August at 17.00 in the small hall of the Sakala Centre Senator McCain will hold a commemoration-lecture of the first U.S. Ambassador in Estonia Robert Frasure "From Tragedy to Destiny: Estonia's Place in the New Atlantic Order". The lecture will be in English and open to everybody.

Robert Frazure was the first U.S. Ambassador in Estonia (1992-1994), he perished in August 1995 on a peace-mission in Bosnia. The first commemoration lecture of Robert Frasure was held in April 1998 by U.S. Special Envoy in Bosnia Richard Holbrooke, last year a lecture was held by U.S. Vice Foreign Minister Strobe Talbott.

On Friday, August 24 President Lennart Meri will give a dinner in honour of the guest.

On Saturday, 25 August at 9.30 Senator McCain will meet Prime Minister Mart Laar, who after the meeting will also introduce Tallinn's Old Town to the guest. The rest of the day Senator McCain will spend in Pärnu, he will leave Estonia early on Sunday.

John McCain is Member of the U.S. Senate and one of the leading and most respectable politicians in the U.S.A. At the U.S. Presidential elections of 2000 he ran for the President candidate of the Republican Party. While participating in the war of Vietnam as pilot of a battle plane McCain was imprisoned in 1967 by the armed forces of Nortern Vietnam, he returned to the USA only after 5.5 years of sufferings in prison camps.

John McCain was first elected to the parliament in 1982. He has been Member of the Senate since 1985.

Senator McCain has continually been an active supporter of the Baltic States, for the first time he visited Estonia in July 1993. He was also among the active demanders of the departure of the Russian troops from Estonia.

John McCain was born in 1936 and he and his spouse Cindy have seven children and four grandchildren.

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