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National Experts Shared Cyber Security Recommendations with UN Secretary General

21. July 2010 - 15:27

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Last week the UN task force of national experts called “Developments in Information and Communication Technology in the Context of International Security” finished its work in New York. The group included Estonian expert Linnar Viik. The UN secretary general appointed the 15 experts in the group based on their expertise and visibility in the cyber security sector.

The task of the expert group was to analyse existing and potential threats and risks in the cyber realm and formulate proposals for common standards of behaviour and co-operation methods. In the recommendations made in the final report, it is considered necessary to continue a dialogue among nations in order to reduce the risk of information and communication technology being abused and also to protect critical state and international infrastructure facilities.

“This is a breakthrough report on the level of the UN, because previous efforts made over the last ten years to formulate standard recommendations in the cyber security realm have always ended with no agreement being reached,” said Linnar Viik, giving his opinion on the results.

“Estonia is satisfied with the opportunity to contribute to the work of the task force in an area that is a priority for us and in which the know-how of our experts is highly valued on the global level,” said Foreign Minister Urmas Paet.

The report places an emphasis on working out trust mechanisms and risk-reducing measures, information exchange in national legislative and security strategy sectors, and identifying measures to support the growth of cyber management capabilities in nations with a lower development level. There is a need to develop universal specialised terminology and definitions, which was also prescribed by the UN General Assembly in the cyber security resolution approved on 02.12.2009.

The task force met for the first time in November 2009 and met four times in total. The UN secretary general will present the task force’s report to the UN General Assembly for approval.

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