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Mikser: The Treaty of Tartu laid the groundwork for recognising Estonia as an independent state

2. February 2019 - 14:25
Foreign Minister Sven Mikser
Foreign Minister Sven Mikser

Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser described the events of the Treaty of Tartu as a historical feat of the diplomacy of the young Estonian state. “Estonian independence and its diplomatic recognition was achieved by navigating the conflicting interests of major powers. Success required nothing less than the very best diplomatic prowess,” the Foreign Minister said on the 99th anniversary of the Treaty of Tartu at the Estonia concert hall.

According to the minister, Estonian fate could have been different if we had been isolated and without allies at those critical hours. “The squadron of the British Royal Navy that appeared at the Tallinn roadstead at a decisive moment, as well as volunteers from Finland, Denmark and Sweden who fought alongside our heroes injected us with confidence and a fighting spirit. They, too, have our eternal gratitude for their bravery and the sacrifices they made in the name of Estonian liberty, often paying the ultimate price,” Mikser added.

Touching upon historical lessons, Mikser said that our experiences gave our aspirations a clear and singular direction. “It was a political, economic and military alliance with peoples and states that, like us, believe in democracy and freedom. Joining the EU and NATO was not a decision based on the needs of the moment, it was an existential choice. Today we can note that as a member of NATO we are better protected than at any time in the history of our state. Achieving this took diplomatic efforts that rivalled those of Poska and his colleagues when they were pursuing the peace treaty,” the minister said.

“I am convinced that the lessons of the 20th century and the supplies of democracy and values-based cooperation are sufficient today to preserve all the beautiful things our people have created over the course of the century with their bravery, wisdom and hard work – despite hardship, wars and foreign rule; to preserve all this beauty that makes up the independent Republic of Estonia,” Foreign Minister Mikser added.

The Foreign Minister placed a wreath on the Reaali Poiss monument and attended a concert dedicated to the anniversary of the Treaty of Tartu at the Estonia concert hall.

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