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Meetings of the Member of Estonia Parliament Mr. Hannes Hanso in Ecuador

25. May 2018 - 15:27
Hannes Hanso meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Ambassador Rolando Suárez

On 22 May the Estonian delegation led by Member of the Parliament and Member of the President’s Advisory Council for United Nations Security Council Campaign Mr. Hannes Hanso, arrived in the Ecuadorian capital Quito, where meetings were held with the Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly Ms. Esther Cuesta and Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Rolando Suárez.

Additionally, consultations were held with the Head of the European Union Delegation in Quito, Ambassador Marianne van Steen.

In the Foreign Affairs Committee the discussions focused on the possibilities to invigorate cooperation between the parliaments of Ecuador and Estonia.

The interlocutors considered ways how best to introduce the other country in their homeland. In this context, the ongoing negotiations regarding the exemption of Schengen visas for the citizens of Ecuador were raised. Ecuador together with Bolivia are the only South-American countries, whose citizens require a visa for entry in the European Union. Ms. Cuesta also expressed interest in Estonia’s e government and public digital services, particularly internet voting, and in paying a visit to get acquainted in Estonia’s digital solutions in greater detail.

At the meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Suárez cooperation and common interests in the United Nations and its subordinate bodies were discussed. Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa is a candidate for the position of the President for the 73rd session of the United Nation General Assembly. Ecuador is seeking the widest support to her candidacy. In the United Nations sustainable development and universal approach to it are the key issues for Ecuador. The effects of climate change are acutely felt in their region and it is vital to maintain the biodiversity. This is the reason why horizontal security issues and their treatment in the Security Council are paid extra attention.

Estonian delegation raised prevention and protection as well as diplomacy as key elements in solving global security problems. Hannes Hanso: „It is clear to all that timely reaction, earlier rather than later, would enable the countries of the world, represented by the Security Council, to save lives and reduce costs. This should be the leitmotif of the everyday activities of the UN Security Council.“

The delegation will finish its tour of South-America in the end of the week in Panama.

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