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High-level meetings of the Member of Estonian Parliament Mart Nutt in Haiti

19. June 2018 - 10:10
Member of Parliament of Estonia Mart Nutt meeting with Foreign Minister of Haiti Antonio Rodrigue

On 18 June 2018, Estonian UN Security Council campaign delegation, led by Member of Estonian Parliament Mart Nutt, paid a visit to Haiti. In capital Port-au Prince, meetings were held with members of the Parliament and the Government and consultations held with European Union diplomats.

The development of Haiti is greatly affected by the exponential growth of population in the past 30 years and poverty, as well as the destruction of the 2010 earthquake. The reconstruction of infrastructure has not been accomplished at expected pace and the development and activities of state institutions ought to be more systemic.

Estonian delegation met in Haiti with the President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Parliament Jean Michel Moïse, Foreign Minister Antonio Rodrigue and Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister Ambassador Madsen Cherubin. At all meetings the interlocutors welcomed Estonia’s readiness to assume the responsibility of a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and stressed that the voice of small states should be more firmly and vocally heard. This is only possible, if small states apply for membership and are elected to the Council. For Haiti, just like for Estonia, values world order based on multilateral relations and rule of law. This needs to be protected and small states play an important role in that.

The bilateral relations of Estonia and Haiti have been to date in an exploratory phase. Haiti has been interested in Estonia’s experience of e-government. Already in 2009, a high-level governmental delegation visited Estonia with the aim of getting acquainted with Estonia’s public digital solutions. Further development of cooperation in this area was suspended due to the 2010 earthquake. From 2015, there have been attempts to restore contacts and Haiti has demonstrated further interest to proceed in this area. At the meetings of the Estonian delegation in Haiti, the officials were interested to enliven cooperation concerning e-governance and digital services and expressed readiness to enhance bilateral relations to that end.

From Haiti, the Estonian delegation, consisting of Mart Nutt, Ambassador Margus Kolga and diplomat Mari Tomingas from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, proceeded to El Salvador, the last destination called on in the course of this visit.

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