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Foreign Minister Reinsalu discussed security in Europe with his US counterpart

2. August 2022 - 20:14
FM Reinsalu on the phone with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
FM Reinsalu on the phone with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Today, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu spoke to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to discuss security in Europe and providing comprehensive assistance to Ukraine.

Reinsalu said the NATO summit in Madrid in late June was a pivotal for its strategic decisions on reinforcing collective defence, which demonstrate the adaptability of NATO and the unity of Allies. “Today there is agreement on Russia being the greatest security threat to NATO,” Reinsalu said. “We are in constant contact with the United States and are working on the full implementation of these decisions in the near future. I thanked the United States for its consistent contribution to security in Europe,” the foreign minister added.

“We can see Russia is preparing for a prolonged war in Ukraine because its plan to invade a sovereign country in the heart of Europe failed,” Reinsalu said, adding that Estonia and the United States stood shoulder to shoulder in providing every assistance to Ukraine, currently fighting for preserving its sovereignty and statehood. Speaking in Zhytomyr Oblast in Ukraine, Reinsalu emphasised the clear need to raise the cost of the aggression and tighten the sanctions imposed on Russia.

He noted that it was Estonia’s objective to have closer relations with the United States in the near future and find additional modes of cooperation. “In addition to security and defence, we have also intensified our cooperation on cyber issues, development cooperation, promoting democracy, and the economy.”

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