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Estonia’s UN Security Council campaign delegation's meetings in the Republic of Seychelles

16. July 2018 - 20:30
Estonian delegation meeting with Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Information Technology

Estonia’s UN Security Council campaign taskforce visited the Republic of Seychelles on July 16. Special Diplomatic Representative of the President of Estonia Daniel Schaer and campaign taskforce member Kaisa Mitt-Alvarez had meetings with representatives of Seychelles’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Information Technology and Communications: Foreign Affairs Director General for Political Affairs Lindy Ernesta, Director General for Multilateral Affairs Amenda Padayachy, desk officer Octavia Rose as well as the IT Ministry’s Principle Secretary Benjamin Choppy.

The representatives of the two countries discussed opportunities to improve bilateral relations and Estonia presented its candidature for a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council for the period 2020-2021. The Seychellois representatives noted that Estonia’s candidature is important as small countries need to be represented in the UN Security Council. The two side found that Estonia and the Seychelles, despite their geographical distance from each other, have many things in common. Environmental protection and saving the oceans are of great importance for both countries as well as conflict prevention, and ensuring an accountable and transparent UN.

The two countries recognised the potential for cooperation in the field of e-government. The Seychelles are implementing e-solutions similar to those in Estonia and according to Principle Secretary Choppy the Seychelles would be most happy to learn from Estonia’s experience.

Other opportunities for cooperation are in the tourism sector. Between 200-500 Estonian tourists visit the Seychelles every year.

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