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Estonia’s UN Security Council campaign delegation's high level meetings in Madagascar

25. July 2018 - 8:20
Estonian delegation meeting with Foreign Minister of Madagascar Eloi Maxime Alphonse Dovo

Estonia’s UN Security Council campaign delegation visited Madagascar on July 23-24. 

In Antananarivo, special envoy Daniel Schaer and diplomat Kaisa Mitt-Alvarez met with Foreign Minister Mr. Eloi Maxime Alphonse Dovo, the Secretary General of the Presidency Roger Pierre Ralala, colleagues from the EU Delegation and World Bank representation in Madagascar. The meetings covered bilateral relations, future cooperation and mutual support in international organisations.

There exists a significant potential for cooperation between Madagascar and Estonia in the fields of tourism, e-government, the dairy industry and forestry.

Representatives of Madagascar have already made several visits to Estonia to learn about Estonia’s e-services and e-solutions. Cooperation is already in place with Estonia’s e-Governance Academy and new visits will take place in the near future. Malagasy experts have participated at Tallinn e-Governance conference for several years running.

The Estonian Delegation presented Estonia’s candidature to becoming a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2020-2021. Malagasy representatives welcomed Estonia’s candidature and its priorities as well as noting that Estonia’s membership of the UN’s Security Council would benefit many member states.

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Estonia’s UN Security Council Campaign delegation’s high-level meetings in the Republic of Cuba

On 7-9 March the Estonian delegation promoting Estonia’s Security Council candidature for the period 2020-21 visited Cuba. In Havana, the delegation led by Ambassador Margus Kolga met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla and with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo.

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On 4-6 March, the Estonian Foreign Ministry delegation visited Honduras. In the capital Tegucigalpa Ambassador Margus Kolga and diplomat Mari Tomingas met with Vice President Maria Antonia Rivera Rosales and Minister of Foreign Affairs María Dolores Agüero Lara.

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