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Estonian President’s advisory council member Marianne Mikko’s high-level meetings in Trinidad and Tobago

19. January 2018 - 20:20
Marianne Mikko meeting with Foreign Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dennis Moses

On Friday, 19 January, Marianne Mikko arrived in Trinidad and Tobago as part of her visit to the Caribbean states and met Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Parliament Marlene McDonald and Foreign Minister Dennis Moses.

McDonald praised Estonia’s initiative and dedication to become a member of the UN Security Council. Trinidad and Tobago has been a member several times and knows how important this challenge is for a small country. Both parties agreed that small states which form a majority at the UN but are always in the minority at the Security Council, must stick together.

International law and a world order based on it is a guarantee of stability and viability for small countries. Mikko said that the Security Council should pay greater attention to prevention and use more preventive measures and instruments in order to meet its objectives. This would save resources and, even more importantly, lives.

The representatives of Trinidad and Tobago were also interested in Estonia’s cyber experience and development of e-services. The Estonian Information System Authority is well-known in the region and has organised several seminars on the mentioned topics in cooperation with the Organization of American States. This cooperation must continue.

Mikko and Foreign Minister Dennis Moses had a detailed conversation about topics on the agenda of the UN and the Security Council and the link between sustainable development and global security. “Trinidad and Tobago stands for the non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council for the term 2027-2028 in the Latin American and Caribbean Group.

As small countries stand for each other on the global level, mutual solidarity should be demonstrated in cases of such candidates. There is strength in the unity of the 104 small countries that form the majority of the UN. This strength should be used more,” Mikko summed up the meeting with Foreign Minister Moses.

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