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Mission, Vision, Values


Safeguarding Estonia's security and welfare and promoting Estonia's interests in the world, by planning and implementing the nation's foreign policy and co-ordinating its foreign relations.


  • Estonia's foreign policy is active and directed at achieving and strengthening democracy, stability, safety and welfare in Europe, as well as elsewhere in the world.
  • Estonia is a reliable and trustworthy partner in the EU, NATO and other international organisations, as well as in bilateral relations.
  • The Foreign Ministry is able to react responsively to changes occurring in the world and to ensure the organisation's flexibility and readiness for necessary changes.
  • The Foreign Ministry is recognized for its effectiveness in making and implementing Estonian foreign policy and coordinating European policy.
  • The Foreign Ministry is an active, competent and appreciated supplier of services and information to other governmental authorities, co-operation partners, enterprises, citizens and the general public in Estonia and foreign countries.
  • Estonia is well known in the countries, regions and organisations that have direct effect on its security and welfare, and actively engaged in building its image.
  • The Foreign Ministry, including foreign missions, has been developed in accordance with Estonia’s foreign, security and economic policy interests, has an optimum size and operates efficiently. Sufficient resources have been allocated for achieving the goals of the activities of the foreign service.
  • The Foreign Ministry is an employer with a good reputation, well known for its professional, mission-minded, collegial and well-motivated staff, rewarding work and an up-to-date work environment.



We do not represent only ourselves. We represent our organisation, state and nation. Our personal inner and outer dignity extends to everything that is connected with Estonia and Estonians. We realise and bear that responsibility.


We proceed from the principles of ethics in everything we do. For us, the uniform standards of ethics are not the upper, but the lowest margin in evaluating the ethicality of our activities.


We must see the details, as well as the big picture and perceive which activities help to achieve our goals more efficiently. Our resources are limited. Doing the right things first is most important; followed by finding the right way of doing them.


A small state, small nation and a small organisation can keep in step with the bigger ones only if something is done more efficiently, and in many cases, differently, implementing one’s knowledge and creativity. We are open to innovation coming from outside and we ourselves solve problems innovatively as well.


We do not recognise the saying "it's always been done that way...". Each day, in everything we do, we look for possibilities for doing it better, quicker and more efficiently. We are not afraid of making suggestions and we also appreciate the initiative of others!


We are all different. This does not separate us from one another, but make us a colourful team. We respect each other's differences in our thoughts as well as our actions, provided that our differences contribute to the development of the Estonian foreign policy and ministry.


Changes and the world's problems are complicated. An individual person, organisation or country is not able to resolve them. For that reason, we are open and co-operate between ourselves, as well as with other organisations and countries.


We are ready to help each other with advice, as well as with deeds even if it does not emanate directly from our employment duties. We do our utmost to provide those who contact us with an answer to their questions and a solution to their concerns, or, if that is not possible, we refer those in need of help to other competent bodies.

Last updated: 19 October 2017

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