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List of supporting documents

This list of supporting documents is non-exhaustive and provides examples of possible supporting documents.
Supporting documents that prove the purpose of travel, means of transportation and return, means of subsistence and existence of accommodation.

Business travel:

  1. written confirmation from the company organising the meeting, conference, etc.
  2. documents that prove the existence of business ties
  3. invitations/tickets to a fair or seminar
  4. documents that certify the applicant’s connection to or status in a company

Tourism or personal travel:

  1. documents confirming accommodation (hotel reservation, a letter or email that confirms that the host will provide accommodation for the visa applicant)
  2. travel package
  3. copies of travel tickets

Documents that certify the applicant’s intention to leave the Schengen area upon the expiration of the visa:

  1. return tickets
  2. documents that confirm sufficient means of subsistence
  3. proof of employment
  4. proof of real estate in the country of residence
  5. proof of ties with the country of residence (family ties, professional status)

Documents that prove relationship to host

  • Documents stating marital or family status (marriage certificate, birth certificate)
  • Letter/e-mail written by the host


Last updated: 19 June 2020

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