Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

In Ukraine, the biggest human catastrophe of the 21st century is taking place due to the war being waged by Russia. 

For those who would like to offer aid and for an overview of aid requests, see the website Humanitaarabi Ukrainale.

More information:

E-mail: [email protected]


Estonian humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Estonian people, government and private sector have given over 17 million euros of humanitarian aid to Ukraine in total.


• Govermental aid means means assistance provided to Ukraine from the state budget through state agencies.
• Private donations include donations from companies and individuals to NGOs that provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine.
• In total, Estonia has provided more than € 230 million euros in humanitarian and defense assistance to Ukraine.

Sources: United Nations Refugee Agency, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs,  Estonian humanitarian assistance is coordinated by the Hub for Humanitarian Aid.


What is humanitarian aid?

The sole purpose of humanitarian aid is to provide emergency assistance in order to save and protect lives and to prevent and relieve human suffering. Such aid is provided when local aid providers are overwhelmed, powerless or unwilling to act. When providing aid, the requests of the state, territory, association, regime, group or international organisation is taken into account. Humanitarian aid is meant for civilians only.

Donating to Ukraine through international organisations

The World Food Programme collects donations to provide food assistance to war-affected families and children in Ukraine and neighbouring countries where people have fled from the war.

UNICEF collects donations to mitigate the situation on the ground in Ukraine. UNICEF has partnered with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund that ensures that aid reaches those in need quickly. 

UNHCR collects donations to support people fleeing the war in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries in order to provide them with essentials for surviving the war.

UNFPA is collecting donations for women and children affected by the war in Ukraine.

The following items cannot be donated as humanitarian aid:

  • weapons
  • helmets, uniforms, flak jackets
  • radio transmitters
  • other military equipment
  • products with a short storage life
  • products that need special preservation conditions


Last updated: 26 May 2022

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