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Estonian Development Cooperation Projects in 2001

In 2001 Estonia continued its development cooperation practice.

Estonian development cooperation projects* in 2001:

  1. Humanitarian assistance to India for the victims of the 26.01.2001 earthquake - 94 900 EUR
  2. WTO-seminar for Uzbekistan’s civil servants - 5 200 EUR
  3. Support of the Council of Europe permanent representative’s presence in the Kalamanov’s bureau in Chechnya to monitor human rights situation in Russia - 2 000 EUR
  4. In support of Council of Europe activities in Yugoslavia - 1 000 EUR
  5. Compiling and publishing a collection of articles on development cooperation by Jaan Tõnisson Institute - 3 200 EUR
  6. Support of the 2nd year’s activities of Canada-Ukraine-Baltic Economic Management Training Programme implemented on Estonian side by Estonian Institute of Public Administration - 7 300 EUR
  7. WTO-seminar for Ukrainian civil servants - 79 200 EUR
  8. Creating contacts between Estonian pupils and schoolchildren from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia, thereby spreading understanding of different cultures on one side and understanding of problems of refugees and international conflicts on the other side - 3 600 EUR
  9. Teaching Crimean children Estonian national culture and handiwork - 1 100 EUR
  10. Humanitarian assistance to Poland for the victims of the floods - 31 900 EUR
  11. Support of OSCE’s project of Qualification courses for Chechen IDPs - 17 900 EUR
  12. Supporting transboundary cooperation between schools on the Estonian and Russian side of Lake Peipsi - 16 900 EUR
  13. WTO-seminar for Yugoslavian civil servants - 12 500 EUR
  14. Seminar on information and communication technology for Armenian civil servants - 2 600 EUR
  15. Support of OSCE’s Voluntary Fund for Activities Related to the Removal and Destruction of Russian Military Equipment and Ammunition from Moldova - 10 900 EUR
  16. Seminar on information and communication technology for Ukrainian civil servants - 3 200 EUR

* Projects coordinated by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and carried from the resources intended for development cooperation in the reserves of the Government of the Republic. Activities of other ministries considered as development cooperation have not been reflected in this overview.

Last updated: 21 August 2015

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