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(last updated 16.06.2016)

"e-Estonia" is the term commonly used to describe Estonia's emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world – an incredible success story that grew out of the partnership between a forward-thinking government, a pro-active ICT sector, and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. Thanks to this success, Estonians and the Estonian state enjoy a wide range of e-solutions that those living elsewhere can only dream about.

Key facts

  • 87% of the population aged 16-74 years uses the internet (Statistics Estonia, 2016).
  • 86% of households have internet capabilities (Statistics Estonia, 2016).
  • All Estonian schools are connected to the internet.
  • Rapid wi-fi internet connections are available in more than 1100 public places; in many places that service is free of charge. The area of wi-fi internet is constantly growing and encompasses all of Estonia.
  • 99,8% of banking transactions in Estonia are conducted through the internet.
  • Income tax declarations can be made electronically via internet. In 2017, over 96% of income tax declarations were presented through the e-Tax Board.
  • Expenditures made by the government can be followed on the internet in real time.
  • Cabinet meetings have been changed to paperless sessions using a web-based document system.
  • Estonia is completely covered by digital mobile phone networks.

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Last updated: 16 June 2017

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