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(last updated: 29.01.2021)

The Republic of Slovenia first expressed its support for the re-establishment of Estonia's independence when Slovenia still belonged to the Yugoslavian Socialist Federal Republic. The Slovenian Parliament recognised the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on 16 May 1990 and as a legislative initiative, a motion was made to the parliament of the Yugoslavian Socialist Federal Republic to recognise the independence of the Baltic States. Yugoslavia recognised Estonia on 22 October 1991.

After Slovenia attained independence on 25 June 1991, Estonia recognised the independent Republic of Slovenia on 25 September 1991. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 11 December 1991.

From 2016-2018, the Slovenian ambassador to Estonia was Robert Krmelj, residing in Warsaw. Ambassador Božena Forštnarič Boroje presented her credentials to President Kersti Kaljulaid in November 2018.

From August 2018 until January 2021 Ambassador Eva-Maria Liimets was the Ambassador to Slovenia, residing in Prague. At present, Estonia is represented by Chargé d'Affaires Katre Sai.

In November 2015, Slovenia opened an honorary consulate in Tallinn. Slovenia's honorary consul is attorney-at-law Tõnis Tamme.

Since spring 2017, Estonian honorary consul in Ljubljana is Žiga Peljko.



To Slovenia
June 2019 President Kersti Kaljulaid at the Three Seas Initiative Summit and at the opening of the Estonian honorary consulate in Ljubljana
May 2017 Prime Minister Jüri Ratas
June 2013 President Toomas Hendrik Ilves
September 2008 President Toomas Hendrik Ilves
November 2007 Prime Minister Andrus Ansip
July 2004 Minister of Finance Taavi Veskimägi
March 2004 Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristiina Ojuland
To Estonia
June 2017 Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec
March 2015 Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar
February 2015 Prime Minister Miro Cerar
September 2012 Speaker of the Parliament Gregor Virant
May 2011 President Danilo Türk
December 2010 Prime Minister Borut Pahor
February 2010 Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Žbogar
June 2007 Public Administrations Minister Gregor Virant
September 2005 Prime Minister Janez Janša
September 2002 Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitrij Rupel


Bilateral relations

As members of the European Union and NATO, Estonia and Slovenia share similar values, positions and views. Although Estonia and Slovenia are not geographically very close and bilateral relations are not very intensive, our mutual understanding has been very good over the years. Reciprocal visits have taken place on the level of presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers, in addition to many other important visits and meetings.

In the Riigikogu, Estonia-Slovenia parliamentary group is headed by Martin Repinski and it has 5 members. There is also Slovenia-Estonia parliamentary group in the Slovenian parliament. It has 7 members and is headed by Branislav Rajić.

Regular consultations are held between the foreign ministries.



  • Agreement on Co-operation in the Field of Education, Culture and Science (came into force 14.07.1994);
  • Agreement on the Organisation of International Road Transport (came into force 01.05.1995);
  • Agreement on the Re-admission of Persons (came into force 07.11.1997);
  • Agreement Concerning the Cooperation in the Fight Against Organized Crime, Illicit Drug Trafficking and Terrorism (came into force 23.01.2004);
  • Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Tax Evasion (came into force 26.06.2006);
  • Agreement on the Exchange and Protection of Classified Information (came into force 08.05.2010).


Estonia has concluded a visa representation agreement with Slovenia. Slovenia represents Estonia for the issuing of visas in Montenegro.

Economic Relations


The trade between Estonia and Slovenia decreased in the years 2012-2016 (in 2012 the trade turnover was 40.9 million euros, in 2016, 31.8 million euros). In 2017, the trade turnover increased to 37.4 million euros and in 2018, it increased to 41.5 million euros. Slovenia ranked as the 43rd among all Estonia's trade partners in 2018. 

Estonia-Slovenia trade 2012-2018 (million euros)

Year Export Import Turnover Balance
2012 8.0 32.9 40.9 -24.9
2013 7.4 30.1 37.5 -22.7
2014 8.2 24.7 33.0 -16.6
2015 7.7 23.7 31.4 -16.0
2016 9.2 22.6 31.8 -13.4
2017 10.1 26.9 37.0 -16.8
2018 13.3 28.2 41.5 -14.9

The main articles of export in 2018:

  • Machinery and mechanical appliances - 36%
  • Products of the chemical industries - 20%
  • Wood and articles of wood - 11%

The main articles of import in 2018:

  • Products of the chemical industries - 50%
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances - 22%
  • Metal and products of metal - 7%

All economic figures originate from the Statistical Office of Estonia.


According to the Bank of Estonia as of 31 December 2018, the value of Estonia’s direct investments in Slovenia totalled 0.5 million euros.
The volume of Slovenia's direct investments into Estonia as of the same date amounted to 0.7 million euros.


Slovenian interest towards Estonia as a travel destination increased in 2017 when 3 300 Slovenian citizens were accommodated in Estonia. in 2018, tourism statistics showed a decrease, as 2 600 Slovenian tourists were accommodated in Estonia. In addition to Tallinn, the other popular travel destinations are Tartumaa, Pärnumaa, and Valgamaa.

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