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(last updated: 05.06.2013)

Francisco Castillo Nájera, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Mexican States in Washington, and Estonia's Honorary Consul Karl Kuusik signed a friendship treaty between Estonia and Mexico on 28 January 1937. Mexico was among those countries that never recognised Estonia's annexation by the Soviet Union. Mexico recognised the restored Republic of Estonia on 5 September 1991, while diplomatic relations were re-established on 5 December 1991.

Mexico's ambassadors to Estonia have been: Ricardo Francisco Galán Méndez (1992-1996); Jorge Efrén Domínguez (1996-1999); Cristina de la Garza Sandoval (1999-2005); Gonzalo Aguirre Enrilei (2005-2007); Agustín Gutiérrez-Canet (2008-2013). After credentials have been presented, the new ambassador will be Norma Pensado Moreno.

Estonian ambassadors to Mexico (residing in Washington) have been: Toomas Hendrik Ilves (1994-1997); Sven Jürgenson (2000-2003); Jüri Luik (2004-2007); and Väino Reinart (2007-2011).

Ambassador Marina Kaljurand presented her credentials to President of the United Mexican States Felipe Calderón Hinojosa on 13 September 2011.

On 17 October 2005 an Estonian Honorary Consulate was opened in Mexico City, headed by Estonian Honorary Consul in Mexico Claude Le Brun.


to Mexico
May 2013 During the course of the joint visit of Estonian and Finnish business delegations (the Finnish delegation was led by Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb), meetings took place with Foreign Minister Jose Kuribreña, Deputy Minister of Health Luis Rubeń Durán Fontes, and Deputy Minister of Economy Jesús Ignacio Navarro Zermeño.
October 2012 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet’s visit to Mexico, which included meetings with Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa and Minister of Finance Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena (who has been foreign minister as of 1 December 2012)
May 2004 Prime Minister Juhan Parts participated in a summit of the European Union, Latin American and Caribbean countries in Guadalajara.
to Estonia
September 2005 Deputy Foreign Minister Lourdes Aranda on a working visit to Estonia

Regular political consultations take place between the two countries.


  • On 19 October 2012 an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion between the Republic of Estonia and the United Mexican States and the corresponding protocol were signed (by Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and then-Minister of Finance Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena).
  • On 25 November 2011 a protocol for political consultations was signed.
  • An agreement on co-operation in the fields of culture, education and sports between the Republic of Estonia and the United States of Mexico was signed in September 2005.
  • Visa waivers were established through the exchange of reciprocal notes. As of 1 May 2004 Estonia gave a unilateral visa waiver to the citizens of Mexico (a country on the Schengen positive list). For its part, Mexico gave Estonian citizens the right to remain in Mexico for 90 days (a maximum of 180 days within a year) without a visa on 15 September 2004.
  • Technology-related co-operation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Government of the United Mexican States, signed in October 1995, enforced as of February 1996.

Economic Relations


In 2011 Mexico was 61st among Estonia’s trade partners with a trade turnover of 9.3 million EUR, of which export made up 6.4 million euros and import 2.9 million euros. In the first nine months of 2012 Estonian export to Mexico grew dramatically, reaching 90 million euros and making up 1% of Estonia’s total exports. Thanks to this, Mexico rose to the position of Estonia’s 27th trade partner. During the same period import totalled 2.3 million euros.

 Estonia-Mexico trade 2005-2012 (million euros):

Year Import Export
2005 2,8 0,3
2006 1,2 0,6
2007 6,5 0,4
2008 27,3 [1] 1,5
2009 3,9 0,8
2010 4,5 3,5
2011 6,4 2,9
2012 89,8 [2] 2,3

Source: Statistics Estonia

Main articles of export in first 9 months of 2012:

  • Machinery and equipment (telephones and other equipment for receiving and forwarding calls and parts thereof) – 95.6%
  • Transportation vehicles (parts for various motor vehicles) – 1.1%
  • Mineral products (peat) – 1%

Main articles of import in first 9 months of 2012:

  • Prepared food and drinks (malt beer) – 46.8%
  • Machinery and equipment (telephones and other equipment for receiving and forwarding calls and parts thereof) – 46.4%
  • Rubber and rubber products (tyres) – 6%

Cultural relations

The biggest cultural event in 2012 was the performance of Arvo Pärt’s music at three concerts – in León at the Teatro del Bicentenaio (18 October), at the International Cervantino Festival (19 October), and in Mexico City at the Palacio de Belles Artes (20 October).

The works of Arvo Pärt were performed by the Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste. The events were made even more significant by the presence of maestro Arvo Pärt himself.

Significant developments have also taken place in the world of cinema. Through the close co-operation of Mexican Ambassador Agustin Gutierrez-Canet and the organisers of the Black Nights Film Festival, the schedule for the 2012 Black Nights Film Festival included a special programme of Mexican films (8 films).

In September 2005 an agreement on co-operation in the fields of culture, education and sports between the Republic of Estonia and the United States of Mexico was signed.

In 2011 the music group Hortus Musicus performed at two international festivals in Mexico.

The works of Mexican writers Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Fuentes and Octavio Paz have been translated into Estonian. Mexico has donated Spanish-language literature to the University of Tartu Library and to the Latin American reading room of the Estonian National Library.

Mexican musicians have performed at various Estonian music festivals (Jazzkaar, Tallinn Guitar Festival).

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