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(last updated: 03.06.2019)

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg recognised the Republic of Estonia on 22 February 1923 and re-recognised Estonia on 27 August 1991. Diplomatic relations were re-established on 29 August 1991.

The bilateral relations between Estonia and Luxembourg are excellent and close. Estonia and Luxembourg share a common stance on several topics in the European Union and this, along with their partnership in NATO, creates a solid basis for cooperation. Foreign ministers meet also within the format of the Baltic and Benelux countries. 

Ambassadors of Luxembourg to Estonia:

2008-2012 Jean Faltz
2012-2017 Michèle Pranchère-Tomassini
2017-    Gérard Philipps

The Ambassador of Luxembourg to Estonia Gérard Philipps presented his credentials to President Kersti Kaljulaid on 12 December 2017. The Ambassador resides in Prague.

The Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Estonia, Vahur Kraft, in office since 26 February 2009, ended his duties in late 2013.

Estonian ambassadors to Luxembourg:

1993-1996 Clyde Kull
1996-1999 Jüri Luik
1999-2003 Sulev Kannike
2004-2008 Malle Talvet-Mustonen
2008-2009 Karin Jaani
2010-2011 Mariin Ratnik
2012-2017 Gert Antsu
2017-2018 Kaili Terras
2018-        Toomas Tirs

The Estonian Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Toomas Tirs presented his credentials to Grand Duke Henri on 12 December 2018. Ambassador Tirs resides in Brussels.

Estonian Honorary Consul in Luxembourg is Alexis (Lex) Thielen. 



to Luxembourg
April 2018 Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Mikser meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn
October 2017 President Kersti Kaljulaid meeting with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg
June 2017 Prime Minister Jüri Ratas
February 2015 Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas on a working visit
October 2014 President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor on an official visit
July 2009 Prime Minister Andrus Ansip
May 2008 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet
May 2006 Prime Minister Andrus Ansip
October 2004 Foreign Minister Kristiina Ojuland
May 2003 President Arnold Rüütel


to Estonia
April 2017 Prime Minister Xavier Bettel
September 2015 President of the Chamber of Deputies Mars di Bartolomeo
February 2015 Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn at the meeting of Baltic and Benelux countries
March 2013 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jean Asselborn on a working visit
September 2011 Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn at the meeting of the Baltic and Benelux countries
May 2011 Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker
October 2008 Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jean Asselborn
September 2007 Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker
May 2006 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jean Asselborn


Main agreements

  • Agreement on housing data and information systems between the Republic of Estonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (came into force 16/05/2018)
  • Agreement between the Republic of Estonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on the statistical transfer of energy from renewable sources to meet targets set in directive 2009/28/EC (came into force 01/04/2018)
  • Convention between the Government of Estonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital (PDF) (came into force 11/12/2015)
  • Agreement between Estonia and Luxembourg on the Exchange and Mutual Protection of Classified Information (came into force 01/08/2013)
  • Agreement Between Estonia and the States of Benelux on Readmission of Persons (came into force 01/02/2005)
  • Agreement on Road Transport between the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (came into force 01/12/1994)

Economic Relations



Trade between Estonia and Luxembourg is modest, reaching €10-12 million in recent years. In 2017 trade with Luxembourg increased somewhat to €13.2 million, making Luxembourg Estonia’s 58th trade partner. Primary articles of export in 2017 were machines and equipment (26%) other industrial products (17%), and means of transport (12%). Primary articles of import in 2017 were metals and metal products (67%) and products made of stone and other materials (13%).

Trade 2013-2017 (in millions of euros)




















   1,2 8,1




2014 7,77 12,56
2015 2,2 10,4
2016 0,3 10,6
2017 0,6 10,6

Source: Statistics Estonia


As of 30 September 2017, Luxembourg had made direct investments in Estonia totalling €719 million (according to the data of Bank of Estonia), which made up 3.7% of all direct investments in Estonia. That makes Luxembourg the 5th biggest investor in Estonia. Main areas of investment were financial and insurance activities (43%), real estate (14%), and vocational, science and technology-related activities (14%).

As of May 2017, the Estonian Business Register listed 112 companies with Luxembourgish shareholdings. As of the same period, Estonia's direct investment position in Luxembourg was €21.4 million (0.3% of all direct investments made abroad). The main area of investments is real estate.


Tourists from Luxembourg have taken a keener interest in Estonia. Whereas in 2005, around 1 000 tourists from Luxembourg were hosted in Estonia, by 2017 the number had risen to 1 764. In addition to Tallinn, the Tartu and Lääne-Virumaa counties attracted the most tourists.
The number of Estonian residents visiting Luxembourg from 2015 to 2017 stood at nearly 6 000.

Cultural relations

Cultural cooperation and exchange between Estonia and Luxembourg is continually evolving. This process has been actively encouraged by the Luxembourgish Estonian Society and the Estonian and Luxembourgish embassies. In October 2017, Estonia was the focus of the Central and Eastern European Film Festival CinEast taking place in Luxembourg. Three full-length feature films, two full-length documentary films, and three short and animated films were screened. Two new stop motion films were shown to children, and a film evening and reception with invited guests was held to celebrate the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, with a performance by Svjata Vatra. Literary evenings have also been organised, and guests include Andrus Kivirähk.

Within the past few years, concerts have been given in Luxembourg by Villu Veski and Tiit Kalluste together with the Argentinean Pipi Piazolla; Vox Clamantis and Olav Ehala; Andres Mustonen and Ivo Sillamaa; as well as Ultima Thule, Vennaskond, and Abrahams Cafe. The documentary The Singing Revolution about Estonia regaining its independence has been screened in Luxembourg. The Pascal Schumacher Quartet from Luxembourg performed within the framework of the Nargen Festival in Estonia; the film A Town Named Panic, a coproduction of Luxembourg, Belgium and France, has been shown during the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn.

Estonians in Luxembourg

Local Estonians and the Luxembourgish Estonian Society that organises their activities are very engaged. Cultural events are held on a regular basis, the Estonian School in Luxembourg is also active, as well as the Estonian choir and song groups. In 2017, the Luxembourgish Estonian Society received a letter of gratitude from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for preserving Estonian culture and promoting Estonia in Luxembourg. 


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