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Last updated: 07.06.2019

Bilateral relations


Diplomatic relations between Estonia and the Principality of Liechtenstein were established on 7 March 2016. Until then, diplomatic communication was carried out through Switzerland.

Estonian citizens can travel to Liechtenstein without a visa.



To Estonia  
October 2017 Official visit of Aurelia Frick, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture

Economic relations


As of 1 May 2004, Estonia-Liechtenstein trade relations are regulated by the European Economic Area Agreement (EAA) of 1992 signed between the European Community and its Member States and the EFTA States.

Estonia-Liechtenstein economic relations are modest. Trade turnover recorded in 2018 reached only €0.7m, of which export accounted for a major proportion. Lichtenstein ranked 112th among Estonia’s trade partners in 2018. Among export partners, Liechtenstein ranked 111th and among import partners 105th.

Estonia-Liechtenstein trade 2012-2018

  Export Import Turnover
2012 529,5 4,9 534,4
2013 575,1 260 835
2014 866 111,6 977,6
2015 739,1 18,7 757,8
2016 647,7 7,2 654,9
2017 536,8 7,8 544,6
2018 652 20,7 672,7

All economic figures originate from Statistics Estonia

In 2018, exports to Liechtenstein were mostly chemical and other industrial products. Main imports from Liechtenstein were machanical appliances and electrical equipment in 2018.

As of 30.12.2018, direct investments from Liechtenstein to Estonia amounted to €64.5m. Investments are predominantly into real estate and financial and insurance activities, and to a limited extent into wholesale and retail trade.

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