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(last updated: 21.10.2013)

Indonesia recognised the Republic of Estonia on 16 September 1991; and diplomatic relations were established on 5 July 1993.

Indonesia’s first ambassador to Estonia was I. Gusti Ngurah Gedh (from 1993-1996),  The current Ambassador of Indonesia to Estonia Elias Ginting present his credentials on 24 April 2012. The ambassador resides in Helsinki. Mr. Heldur Allese represents Indonesia as an honorary consul (the honorary consulate was opened on 11 September 2012).

Estonia has appointed Ambassador Andres Unga, who resides in Tallinn, to represent it to Indonesia (credentials presented 14 January 2013). As of summer 2012, 2 honorary consuls also represent Estonia in Indonesia:

  • The capital, Jakarta: Adriana Sri Lestari
  • Island of Bali: Bharat Ghansham Advani, whose jurisdiction is the island of Bali and the Eastern Java province.

On the basis of a representation agreement, Finland has represented Estonia for the issuing of visas in Indonesia since 17 March 2008.


In January 2012, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Finland’s Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb made a joint visit to Indonesia.

In September 2011 a meeting took place between foreign ministers Urmas Paet and Marty Natalegawa within the framework of the UN General Assembly.

In September 2007, a meeting between Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda took place within the framework of the UN General Assembly.


On 15 April 2002 an Agreement on Cultural Cooperation was signed.

Economic Relations


In 2009, Indonesia ranked as Estonia’s 50th trade partner.

Estonian-Indonesian trade 2005-2010 (million EUR):

Year Exports Imports
2005 3.4 1.6
2006 1 2.9
2007 3.7 5.7
2008 1.6 5.5
2009 3.0 5.5
2010 1.8 7.4
2011 1.1 7.5
2012 2.3 8.2

Source: Estonian Statistical Office

Main export articles:

  • Paper pulp and paper products, circa half of all exports
  • Metals and metal products (cast iron and steel waste and residues)
  • Chemical products
  • Machinery and equipment (paper- or cellulose pulp production machinery; workbenches for processing hard materials; insulated wire; telephones)

Main import articles:

  • Animal and plant-based fats and oils, circa 2/3 of all imports
  • Chemical products
  • Paper pulp and paper products
  • Finished food products (cocoa butter, -fat, and –oil, cocoa powder)

Historic Contacts

Sumatra was mentioned already in early Estonian literature: the second volume of J. W. L. von Luce's textbook "Sarema Jutto ramat" (1812). The Indonesian language word uranutan (orang hutan - forest man) in Otto W. Masing's work "Pühhapäwa Wahhe-luggemissed” (1818). A list of Indonesia's best known islands were printed in B. Gildenmann's school-book "Mailma made öppetus" (1849). J. Jürison's travel articles on Indonesian everyday life, published in "Eesti Postimees" in 1866-1869. Writer Andres Saal worked as a zincographer in Surabaya (1898-1902) and as a manager of the photo atelier of the Dutch Army's topographic service in Batavia (1902-1920).

After the departure of Andres Saal, the Shanghai Estonian Society attempted in vain to establish a small agrarian colony for Estonians in 1921. During the interwar period just a few Estonians lived in Indonesia. In 1928 E. Riisman travelled through the Malay Archipelago as a tourist. In 1927, a mission was planned in Batavia for the purpose of developing the Estonian consular network, but it was not carried out. Estonia's official contacts with Indonesia were handled through its consulates in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Source: Olaf Klaassen, "Aasia ja Aafrika 16.-19. sajandil ning kontaktid Eestiga" (Asia and Africa during the 16th-19th centuries and contacts with Estonia) .

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