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(last updated: 21.02.2013)


Ethiopia first recognised the Republic of Estonia through the League of Nations and re-recognised it on 2 January 1992. On 23 August 2005 Estonian Ambassador to Sweden Jüri Kahn and Ethiopian Ambassador Berhanu Kebede established diplomatic relations between the two countries in Stockholm. Ambassador Dr. Kassu Yilala resides in Brussels and presented his credentials to President Toomas Hendrik Ilves on 11 October 2012.

Estonia does not have an ambassador accredited to Ethiopia. Poland represents Estonia for the issuing of visas in the country.

No agreements have been concluded between the two countries.

Ethiopia’s relations with the European Union are primarily based on the Cotonou Agreement concluded in 2001. The agreement regulates the relations of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP) with the European Union. The agreement sets the foundation for both trade relations and political dialogue.

Economic relations


Estonia’s trade with Ethiopia is quite modest, though in the year 2011 a large quantity of  uncoated kraft paper was exported.

Estonian - Ethiopian trade 2006-2012 (half year) (in euros):

  Export Import
2006 47 600 -
2007 928 384 -
2008 1 388 037 -
2009 10 771 -
2010 36 842 -
2011 4 106 995 239 171
2012 half year 156 669 -

Source: Statistics Estonia

Main articles of export in 2011:

  • Paper pulp and paper products (uncoated kraft paper) – 99,5%
  • Machinery and equipment (electric coupling devices) – 0,5%

Main articles of import in 2011:

  • Mineral products (ores, cinder, ash) – 100%


There are no reciprocal investments between Estonia and Ethiopia.

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