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(last updated: 10.09.2010)

On 22 September 1921, Estonia was admitted to the League of Nations, which meant the extension of de iure recognition also by Chile, who voted in favour of Estonia’s admission. Before World War II, Chile had two Honorary Consuls in Estonia – Hans Vinnal (as of 06.12.1922) and Juhan Nichtig (as of 28.02.1929).

Chile re-recognized Estonia on 28 August 1991 and diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 27 September 1991. Chile’s first Ambassador to Estonia, Lucio Parada, presented his credentials on 10 August 1992. Chile’s next Ambassadors to Estonia were Jaime Pardo Huerta (1994 – 1997), Montserrat Palou (1997 – 2002) and Ignacio González Serrano (2004 - 2007). On 21 June 2007, the current Ambassador Carlos Parra Merino presented his credentials. Chile’s Embassy is located in Helsinki. Chile’s Honorary Consuls in Estonia are Henton Figueroa Aste in Tallinn and Alar Karis in Tartu.

Estonia’s Honorary Consul in Chile as of 01.03.1996 is Ella Maria Gleisner Vivanco.

Important visits and meetings

September 1994 Members of the Chilean parliament Carlos Dupré Silva (Deputy Speaker of the South-American Parliament) and Gutemberg Martínez Ocamica visited Estonia
May 1995 The Director of the Export Development office of the European department of the Chilean Foreign Ministry Carmen Marticorona visited Estonia
May 2000 One of the most distinguished Chilean pension reform designers and the consultant of many pension reforms Juan Ariztia Matte lectured at the Tallinn conference "NB! Preparedness for Pension Reform"
November 2000 Foreign Minister Toomas Hendrik Ilves’ visit to Chile (and also to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Costa Rica)
September 2003 Senators Fernando Flores and Alejandro Foxley visited Estonia, taking an interest in the use of information technology in public administration.(In March 2006, Alejandro Foxley Rioseco became the Minister of Foreign Relations of Michelle Bachelet’s cabinet.)
March 2005 In connection with a seminar in Tallinn treating the EU-Chilean Association Agreement, Chile’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Arturo Barrera visited Estonia.
April 2007 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet met Chilean Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Alberto van Klaveren in Santo Domingo in the framework of European Union and Rio Group foreign ministers meeting.
June 2009 Chilean Vice-Forein Minister Carlos Furche in Tallinn
May 2010 In the framework of EU-LAC meeting Foreign Minister Urmas Paet met with Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno Charme


The following treaties have been signed between Estonia and Chile:

  • Agreement on visa free travel (came into force 02.12.2000
  • Memorandum on co-operation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (signed 02.11.2000)

The following draft agreements are being prepared:

  • Agreement on culture, education and science related co-operation;
  • Agreement on tourism related co-operation;
  • Agreement on information technology related co-operation;

Economic relations

Estonian-Chilean Trade in 2004-2009 (thousands EUR):


  Export Import
2004 637.2 2 428.6
2005 3 195.5 4 377.9
2006 5 477.2 4 965.9
2007 1 120.3 5 247.1
2008 221 7950
2009 308.6 4551

Source: Statistical Office of Estonia


In 2009 Chile was Estoia's 95th export partner and 45th import partner. Estonia exported mainly electrical equipment, mineral fuels and metals.  Main import articles from Chile were fish products, fruits and wines.


Estonian investments in Chile are minimal.

Note: In comparing data the alteration of methods should be taken into consideration in 2004 in connection with Estonia's EU membership.

Cultural relations

From 9-16 September 1995, AS FilmiMAX organized the Chilean cinema days in Estonia.

The works of Chilean writers Isabel Allende, Edesio Alorado, Pablo Neruda and José Donoso have been translated into Estonian.

In 2000, the crew of the sailboat "Lennuk" disembarked in Chile (including the Easter Island) on their sailing trip round the world. In Valdivia, they met with the famous Baltic German scientist of Estonian origin Karl Ernst von Baer’s great-great grandchild Leonor von Baer.

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