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Coronavirus 2019-nCoV



I live in an EU/EEA country or the UK. Can I visit Estonia as a tourist?

From 1 June Estonia will admit people with no symptoms arriving from the European Union, the Schengen area or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The compulsory quarantine for people arriving in Estonia depends on whether the relative coronavirus infection rate in their country of origin is above 15. Anyone arriving in Estonia from a country with a higher infection rate must self-isolate for two weeks on arrival. Number of new infections per 100 000 inhabitants in the last 14 days can be found on page: The list is updated every Friday and is valid from the following Monday.

I read that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are opening borders. Does it mean that I can freely travel in the region?

Only citizens and permanent residents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can travel between the three countries. The borders have not been opened to citizens from another countries.

I am a foreign citizen who works in Estonia. I am currently out of the country. Can I return and continue working?

Only citizens of Estonia and holders of an Estonian residency permit or right of residence, the alien’s passport, can enter Estonia. The exception also applies to foreign citizens whose family member lives in Estonia. Please also note that everyone entering Estonia has to self-isolate for 14 days.

Holders of C or D visas are not allowed to enter Estonia.

I need to travel through Estonia to get home. Can I still do that?

Foreigners are allowed to transit Estonia on their way home only if they do not show symptoms of COVID-19. If you were allowed to enter the country for transit purposes, you do not have to follow the isolation rules.

I am a French citizen and my girlfriend lives in Estonia, but we are not married and I do not have a registered address in Estonia. Can I still come to Estonia?

No, unfortunately you cannot enter Estonia now.

I am a lorry driver / essential service provider. Can I still enter Estonia?

International cargo (also food and medical supplies transport) can enter the country, as can persons providing essential services (such as fuel). You do not have to follow the isolation rules. For further information, please contact Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

I read that Estonia has temporarily suspended issuing visas, but we have a family emergency. Can our relatives living in nearby countries still come to Estonia?

By exception, visa applications can be submitted on humanitarian grounds (illness or funeral of a close relative). Please contact the Estonian embassy in your country.

When will Estonian Embassies accept visa applications again?

It is hard to predict, but most probably not before June 15.

I was planning to visit Estonia and already had a visa, and then the crisis arrived. What happens to my visa?

If your visa was already issued (i.e. printed and in your passport) immediately before the crisis, then you cannot use it to enter Estonia before the end of the situation. Your next equivalent application however will be free of charge, on the condition that you have not used your visa to travel to Estonia or elsewhere in the Schengen area.

I am an Estonian resident and have decided to return. Can I do that? What should I do?

Flight options for travelling to Estonia still exist. 

The following travel agencies can help you find tickets:

If you are still unable to find a way to return please contact the Foreign Ministry at +372 5301 9999.

I have tickets to return to Estonia. What should I consider? Is there something I should do differently?

Please go to the airport early and try to be among the first to do the check-in. If you are not allowed to board the flight please call the Foreign Ministry at +372 5301 9999 immediately. The more there is time before your flght the more probable it is that we will be able to find a solution. 

I am abroad and thought I might stay here for a while. What should I consider and when will the flights resume?

If you are sure you are able to live abroad safely during the crisis you do not need to return. There are certain considerations you are advised to keep in mind.

  • The crisis may last longer than expected;
  • The number of connections is low. Estonian borders will always be open for residents.
  • The number of regulations countries are implementing to fight the coronavirus may increase. Please consider that hotels and restaurants may still close and possibilities for local employment can disappear.
  • Please make sure that you follow the rules and regulations allowing you to stay – for example do not overstay your visa validity period. For further information, contact the immigration service of the country where you are staying, or, if possible, the local Estonian embassy.

If you decide to return to Estonia, please contact a travel agency.

Transit via Finland – what do I need to take into account?

Estonian citizens and permanent residents can still return to Estonia via Finland. Transit via Finland from international ports and airports is permitted.

If you're travelling via Finland you will need to be prepared to show the flight company at your point of departure evidence (such as a ferry ticket) that Tallinn is your final destination. If you still encounter problems please call the emergency line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately on +372 5301 9999.

What about Russia? Can I enter and exit?

EU citizens are allowed to exit Russia, but not to enter. Russian citizens, who hold dual citizenship or have permanent residence permit in another country, are allowed to exit Russia ONCE to return to their country of residence. 

I am in Estonia and want to go on a holiday. Can I do that? Should I wait?

At the moment it is not possible to go abroad for a holiday.

Although the restricitions set by the emergency situation are being alleviated, every country handles the situation differently. Flights may still be cancelled, transport between cities may not exist and restaurants, hotels, beaches etc may be closed. Also possible isolation rules must be taken into account.

The 14 day isolation rule is still valid in Estonia, so if you decide to travel you must be prepared to isolate for 14 days.

Before booking a trip make sure to consult the Reisi Targalt webapge and the homepages of the authortites of the country you are travelling to. If you have decided to buy tickets, makes sure you are aware of the cancellation rules, as the trip may not take place due to restrictions.

I am an Estonian citizen/resident and have already paid for a trip and plane tickets to go abroad. The company is unwilling to reimburse them, where can I find further help to resolve the issue?

You should contact the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. The authority has published official information on the coronavirus outbreak on its website (in Estonian).

The emergency situation in Estonia is over. Can I still ask for the passport to be sent to be post?

As the emergency situation is over passport are no longer delivered by post.

I need more information about the emergency situation. Where should I turn to?

Please call 1247 or consult

Last updated: 2 June 2020

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