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Close the Digital Divides: the Digital Response to COVID-19

Estonia and Singapore are co-sponsoring a Global Declaration on the Digital Response to COVID-19, “Close the Digital Divides: the Digital Response to COVID-19”. The declaration was launched at a videoconference at the level of Foreign Ministers on Wednesday, 1 July 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis is the greatest global challenge since the Second World War. While many of us have endured unimaginable hardship during the crisis, it is still possible to turn this challenge into an opportunity to build stronger societies that can withstand devastating social, economic and political emergencies. This can be done by using innovative digital solutions. 

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The aim of this Ministerial Conference was to provide an opportunity to discuss how countries can emerge stronger and better equipped from the COVID-19 crisis by using innovative and flexible digital solutions, and working together as a global family. Countries can share the lessons learned from our response to this unprecedented crisis, and highlight their outlook for our future, particularly as we face challenges to multilateralism and in view of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

The Global Declaration on the Digital Response to COVID-19 remains open to be co-sponsored and supported by all interested countries.




The creation of the internet led to a revolution. Similarly, the digital transformation of societies, which has sped up as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, could bring about a global breakthrough. Digital transformation should be addressed in a holistic manner, encompassing all aspects of society. This crisis has underlined once more that digital transformation is crucial for strengthening the resilience of societies. At the same time, accelerated digitalisation could lead to widening digital divides. This has to be avoided, and no one should be left behind. We need strong political will, vision and a systematic approach to realise the potential of digitalisation.





  1. Algeria
  2. Andorra
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Austria
  5. Bahrain
  6. Benin
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Burkina Faso
  10. Chile
  11. Colombia
  12. Cote d' Ivoire
  13. Cyprus
  14. Denmark
  15. Djibouti
  16. Ecuador
  17. Egypt
  18. Equatorial Guinea
  19. Estonia
  20. Finland
  21. Georgia
  22. Guyana
  23. Honduras
  24. Hungary
  25. Iceland
  26. Israel
  27. Jordan
  28. Kazakhstan
  29. Latvia
  30. Lithuania
  31. Luxembourg
  32. Mali
  33. Moldova
  34. Montenegro
  35. Morocco
  36. Nambia
  37. Netherlands
  38. Nigeria
  39. North Macedonia
  40. Norway
  41. Oman
  42. Palau
  43. Palestinian Authority
  44. Paraguay
  45. Peru
  46. Philippines
  47. Poland
  48. Portugal
  49. Romania
  50. Rwanda
  51. San Marino
  52. Seychelles
  53. Sierra Leone
  54. Singapore
  55. Slovakia
  56. Slovenia
  57. South Africa
  58. Sri Lanka
  59. Spain
  60. Sri Lanka
  61. Sultanate of Oman
  62. Suriname
  63. Sweden
  64. Switzerland
  65. Tunisia
  66. Turkey
  67. Ukraine
  68. United Arab Emirates
  69. Zambia
Last updated: 3 December 2020

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