Three Seas Foreign Ministers' Video Meeting

On 30 June, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu hosted the first video meeting of the foreign ministers of the Three Seas region, which focused on the greater inclusion of the executive in the Three Seas process. A more extensive cooperation between governments is essential for developing cross-border infrastructure, energy and digital projects.




Previously held at presidential level, the initiative has reached a stage where more consideration should be given to achieving practical outcomes, which requires a greater involvement and role of governments.

In autumn 2019, Poland was the first to call a ministerial meeting of the Three Seas, however, the meeting organised in Estonia was the first to be held at the level of foreign ministers.

The meeting organised by Estonia was attended by the foreign ministers, deputy foreign ministers and high-level representatives of the Three Seas participating states (Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary) and the initiative’s partners (United States, Germany and the European Commission).



Välisminister Urmas Reinsalu Kolme mere ministrite kohtumisel


    • It was agreed that the meetings of Three Seas ministers would be held on a regular basis.
    • The role of governments is to create a business-friendly economic environment and a legal environment conductive to the development of the priority projects.
    • The Three Seas Initiative complements the European Union by implementing the policy and standards agreed by member states.
    • It is crucial to maintain a strong and active transatlantic link to add to the economic and security dimension of the Three Seas.

    The focus and objectives of the Three Seas Summit and Business Forum, planned to be held in Estonia on 19-20 October, were also presented.


    The meeting was followed by a virtual press conference with statements by the foreign ministers of Estonia, Poland and Romania:

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    Last updated: 7 September 2020

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