Raising awareness and global education

There is a close link between the population’s increased awareness and transformed attitude towards development cooperation and helping developing nations, and global education. Global education uses formal and informal education to inform people about the causes and impact of globalisation, international development goals and the principles of sustainable human development, as well as the ways in which individuals can contribute to global development. Outreach activities and global education improve our understanding of the complexity of global problems and the world around us.

Raising awarness


The awareness of the population has increased year by year and the attitude towards development cooperation and assistance to developing countries has changed.

According to a Eurobarometer survey conducted in 2020, 81% of Estonians support the EU’s cooperation with other countries to reduce poverty. In addition to the fact that Estonia has been a donor for over twenty years, the awareness of our population about global challenges has also increased.

In view of the recommendation of the United Nations Development Programme to allocate at least 3% of official development assistance to global education and raising awareness, Estonia has also allocated financial resources for information on development cooperation. This creates new opportunities for citizens and civil society organisations to participate in development cooperation.

Visuals of development cooperation and humanitarian aid

Since informing the public is mandatory, recipients must factor expenses related to outreach activities into their budgets. They must also keep in mind that the logos for humanitarian aid and development cooperation are different and used in different ways. The recipient is expected to cover the activities that have received support on their websites, social media accounts and in their communication with the media.

  • Humanitarian aid logo – from 1 February 2022, new visuals for humanitarian aid are used. All state agencies can also use Estonia’s humanitarian aid logo to raise Estonia’s international profile. The instructions and the package of logo files for the humanitarian aid logo are available here (529.31 KB, ZIP).
  • Logo for development cooperation – as a result of the development cooperation reform, managing development cooperation and integration projects passed from the domain of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Estonian Centre for International Development; therefore, project managers must use the EstDev logo, which is available here (1.36 MB, ZIP).
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs logo – all recipients of operating grants must use the logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on their website and promotion in Estonia. The logos are available here.

Global education


‘Global education is an active learning process based on the universal values of solidarity, equality, inclusion, and cooperation. Global education provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute and be active citizens by understanding the causes and effects of globalisation and by understanding the key international development goals and the principles of sustainable human development.’

(Definition approved by the European Forum on Global Education in Amsterdam in 2004)

Global education in Estonia

The European Global Education Network GENE has issued a report on global education in Estonia in 2020, which refers to the biggest problems and opportunities in Estonia in relation to global education. Several institutions in Estonia deal with global education: non-profit association Mondo, Terveilm, the non-profit association Ethical Links, Maailmakool, Ministry of Education and Research, etc.

Raising public awareness on development cooperation and humanitarian aid and global education in schools raises awareness among people of the diversity of global challenges and their causes. This helps to better understand the world around us and allow us to relate to what is happening (for example, through volunteering).

  • We increase the capacity of our partners to raise awareness on development cooperation and humanitarian aid, as well as on global development issues, to support public awareness of the importance of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.
  • We promote global education in Estonia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research.
  • We support the deployment of volunteers to developing countries.


Useful information on global education


Last updated: 2 May 2022

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